Purpose and Goals


Drutopia combines the principles of software freedom, community ownership and intersectional politics to co-develop technologies that meet our needs and reflect our values.

Points of Unity

As participants in the Drutopia initiative we agree to:

  • Be inclusive regarding gender, gender identity, sexual orientation, ethnicity, ability, age, religion, geography, and class.

  • Commit to protection of personal information and privacy and freedom from surveillance.

  • Value collaboration and cooperation above competition.

  • Place human needs over private profit.

  • Foster non-hierarchical structures and collective decision-making.


  1. Release a Drupal distribution that meets crucial needs for networked grassroots organizations.

  2. Launch fully functional drutopia.org

  3. Establish a worker co-op product team

  4. Build a sustainable and healthy number of members

drutopia.org goals

  1. Use compelling content to convince grassroots activists to become members.

  2. Provide technical information to plug open source community members into the project.

  3. Gather donations by creating content that inspires, addresses critiques and demonstrates impact.