Quickstart with DDEV

In both cases we’ll end with the Drutopia distribution codebase, built by Composer, in a directory called my-drutopia-site (please change this to whatever you would like in the instructions below!).


  1. Install DDEV


  1. Make a directory for your new site project and move into it, for example mkdir my-drutopia-site and cd my-drutopia-site.

  2. Run these commands in a terminal to set up DDEV and install the code base using Composer.

    ddev config --docroot=web --project-type=drupal8 --webserver-type=apache-fpm --mariadb-version=10.1 --php-version=7.4 --xdebug-enabled=true --use-dns-when-possible=false --create-docroot
    ddev composer create drutopia/drutopia_template:dev-master --no-interaction

    When prompted (it will be once for each), type your sudo password and press enter for Yes.

  3. Optional / Experimental – Hold composer dependencies to Drutopia official tested versions:

    ddev ssh
    cd /var/www/html/
    ./vendor/bin/composer-pin-apply web/profiles/contrib/drutopia/bin/drutopia-tested-global-pinnings.sh


    Currently there is a bug in that script; take the output (composer require and a list of fifty things) without the stray colon (:) at the end and put it into your terminal.

  4. Back on your host machine, you can use ddev . drush status to check that Drupal is ready and to get the URL for the site. Visit the URL and install Drutopia in the language and with the sub-profiles you choose.